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Jan 11



Winona Bontrager – LPN, LMT, President (pictured above)

Winona, president of LSM, is a 1986 graduate of the Florida School of Massage; she brings 31 years of massage therapy experience to the school.  The culture of the school reflects her core values: a sense of humor, balance, a love of learning, and respecting others as spirit, mind and body. She is very involved in the day to day operations of the school and connects with the students on a personal level.  Winona has always been very active in the Massage Therapy community.  She is a past president of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), serving on that board for over 15 years,  She is currently a Partner for Health on the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC), and continues to be active on national committees that involve massage and healthcare. She loves to travel and find new places.


Camille Baughman – BS, LMT, MA

Camille brings her background in teaching and psychology to the classroom as she invites students to become more self-aware on their journey toward their new roles as massage therapists. A 1986 graduate of the Florida School of Massage, she owns a large private practice in Carlisle. She is active on the state of PA massage therapy. Camille received her Masters Degree in Applied Healing Arts at the Tai Sophia Institute in Baltimore.


Jennifer Bierbower – LMT, NMT

Jen received her massage therapy training here at Lancaster School of Massage in 1998.  Through the years she has continued her training in Neuromuscular Therapy , Myofascial Release and most recently has continued her training in Oncology Massage. In addition to her continued massage training, she has also received training Pilates and Yoga instruction to help understand the body and its movement. She has a private practice here in Lancaster.  Jen teaches Neuromuscular therapy, Range of motion and MBLEX test preparation.


Emmett Geesaman – LMT, NMT

Emmett brings a love of physical fitness to his teaching of neuromuscular therapy and kinesiology. He began his studies in neuromuscular therapy in 1992 when he graduated from LSM. Emmett specializes in soft tissue trauma and co-owns L & E Massage Therapy Center in Lancaster. He enjoys spending time at the beach with family, honing his green thumb, and is a Jeep enthusiast.


Tara Heisey –  LMT

Tara serves as the Student Clinic Supervisor, and graduated from the Lancaster School of Massage in 2016.  She is grateful to be growing her practice from the office of L&E Massage in Denver, Pennsylvania. Apart from work, she enjoys relating to people from all walks of life, baking, reading, quiet time outdoors, and a newly discovered “like” for indoor climbing!  While continuing to grow a therapeutic massage practice, she hopes to study Psychology in the near future.


Christine Hellberg – BA, LMT

Christine teaches Swedish massage, body mechanics, beginning touch and draping at the beginning of your training.  She uses her background as a yoga teacher to bring safe alignment to the body while performing massage.  Since graduation from LSM in 2010, she has been building a private practice.  Her passion for movement and body awareness had led her to become a Certified Trager Therapists.


Kelly L. Givens – IIR, PRA, LMT

Kelly has been a certified reflexologist since 1996. Committed to staying current in this specialty, she continues to expand her knowledge of the body. Kelly completed the massage therapy program at LSM in 2001 and maintains a private practice in Bainbridge. She takes time to enjoy Bikram Yoga and is a very proud grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters.


Tom Ripple – BS, LMT

Tom brings 30 years of experience to the classroom, and has been teaching at the school since Day One.  A 1986 graduate of the Florida School of Massage, Tom is certified in both Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) and Polarity Therapy, and owns his own practice in Ohio.  He leads an introduction to CTM and is always incorporating new concepts and personal insight into his teaching, helping students learn how to touch subtle tissue.  Tom has been practicing meditation for over 30 years, and is a gardener at heart, who loves to spend time with his family on their homestead.


Mike L. Walters – LMT, PTA

Mike received his massage training at The Alternative Conjunction School of Massage in 1994 and his license through the State of Florida in 1995. He brings his specialized education and experience to our students in teaching sports massage. Mr. Walters maintains a practice in Camp Hill, PA focusing on the needs of the completing athlete. He has traveled extensively to serve athletes at National and International venues.


Lisa Vigilante – LMT

Lisa graduated from LSM in 1992 and is co-owner of L & E Massage Therapy with offices in Ephrata and Lancaster. Lisa was our evening Program Director for several years and continues to fill staffing needs as they arise.


Ephrata Community Hospital supplies us with instructors in CPR and First Aid. This takes two days of class time and allows our students to receive this necessary certification on-site while attending our school.